About Us

.fans and .fan are two of the new generation of internet addresses launching over the next 24 months and a key part of the new evolution of the internet. These names are part of a new generation of new “top-level domain names” – (often referred to as “new TLDs”) which will be launching over the next couple of years. This is a huge change in the way people will find content on the internet, and there are hundreds of new TLDs launching over the coming months. While many companies currently use a .com domain as their primary domain, new TLDs and the domain names available as part of the new TLD evolution mean that names can be more creative, more intuitive, and more in tune with the desires of consumers and visitors to your website.

As a company that services fan-fuelled brands in the sports, music and entertainment industries, we believe that the .fan and .fans domains make it easier, more intuitive and faster for fans to find and navigate the content that really matters to them. As a clearer signpost for the fan experience online, these names offer a never-before-seen opportunity for forward-thinking brands to create digital destinations to speak directly to their keenest fans, enhancing engagement and driving revenue.

Both Google and Amazon have invested tens of millions of dollars into this evolution. As two of the most powerful internet companies their endorsement of this new generation of domain names ensures that they will fast become a key part of internet addresses and content navigation across the web.

With a range of different ways you can use fan domains it makes perfect sense for your brand.

Better Signposting

Better signposting of content online is a constant challenge. Why force your most dedicated fans to hunt for the information as a tab on your main site when you can point them straight to what they are looking for with a .fans web address? Using .fans makes fan content easier to find, and highlights the importance you place on your fan-base.

.fans helps fans navigate straight to the content that matters, more quickly and more intuitively, strengthening engagement and loyalty and clearly stating your focus on fans – the people who matter to you most.

Content Differentiation

Why give fans the keys to your office when what they really want is the backstage pass? While .com is a well established address on the internet a .fans domain gives you a place to put content specifically for fans, rather than general information for anyone who might pass by.

Pull together existing fan channels – such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr – in one place, showcasing all the content you are creating for fans at one destination, enriching fan experience and cross-promoting content channels under an address you own and control.

Global Relevance

The universal nature of fandom is clearly communicated across language barriers with the use of fan domains with a unique address that resonates clearly to cultures across the world.

Because of its unique relevance .fans will fast become the destination for fan experience on the web – so when fans see a fan domains address they understand that they are going to find high quality content and exclusive access over any other destination.