Founders Program


dotFans® is the niche TLD for sport, music, celebrity and entertainment brands. We are currently taking applications for participation in the .fans Founders Program, which gives the world’s leading brands the opportunity to secure relevant domains immediately upon launch, and at preferential terms. For qualifying brands and individuals dotFans will allocate domains free of registry fees for a period of at least one year. In order to qualify, you must represent a team, artist, celebrity or other entertainment brand capable of demonstrating a significant and active fan-base, and have a registered trademark (or common law trademark with verifiable proof of use).

A core part of the Founders Program is to establish .fans as a primary destination for fan-facing activity. To help facilitate this, we are asking that all Founder Program participants activate the domain and point it at a primary fan-focused web property, and this is maintained for the full period of registration assigned under the Founders Program. In addition, dotFans will be allowed to publicise participation of Founders Program members through marketing and publicity activities, including a pre-agreed statement from Founder Registrants to be used for this purpose.

In return, Founders Program participants benefit from marketing exposure through dotFans, and secure a valuable digital asset for their brand.

To complete a no-obligation expression of interest in our Founders Program please click the link below and complete the form.

dotFans Founders Program