Protected Names Program

The .fans Protected Names Program offers additional protection for individuals, brands and entities from the music, sport and entertainment industries – i.e. those where fanbase is a core asset and engaging with fans is a key part of business activity. This includes artists, celebrities, clubs, sports teams, institutions and entities with registered trademarks or substantial goodwill in the relevant brands.

From research carried out by the registry it became quickly apparent that domain names ending .fans have a very strong resonance with fans. In order to further cement that natural resonance we have determined that a key part of our strategy as a registry is to ensure that entities with major fanbases in the worlds of sport, music and entertainment should have the best possible opportunity to secure relevant domain names, ensuring that this natural resonance helps fans more easily navigate to the most authoritative content about the things they love.

In order to achieve this, the .fans registry has undertaken a period of research and analysis to determine the biggest fanbases for numerous entities, and relevant domain names will be put on a “protected list” for which registration will only be available to registrants who undertake a simple validation process proving that the domain name will be held for the benefit of the entity in question.

The Protected Names Program will run for a maximum of 24 months from the start of General Availability.

Further information about the Protected Names Program is contained in the .fans Registration and Launch Policies.

Click here to access the Registration and Launch Policies